Voodoo Steak at the Rio

Friday night was an enjoyable evening at Voodoo Steak at the top of the Rio Tower.  If you want to experience great food and some of the best service in Vegas, then make your reservation for the night at Voodoo Steak and Lounge.

Voodoo Steak at the Rio Las Vegas

We started off with Frog Legs and Shrimp…

Normally I only eat Frog Legs Cajun Style, however I was impressed with this style- Spanish Chorizo, Fume Blanc (whatever that is) and Asian Dried Shrimp. They were delicious! Highly recommend these if you are a connoisseur of amphibian delights.

Voodoo Steak at the Rio Las VegasVoodoo Steak at the Rio Las Vegas

The Shrimp Cocktail was also a nice surprise, plenty of Large yummy Shrimp. We have all been to places that say they have Large Shrimp. Well, Voodoo Steak delivers on that statement.

Voodoo Steak at the Rio Las Vegas

For dinner we each ordered a 20 ounce Dry Aged New York Steak, Poached Jumbo Asparagus, and Ragout. As I’ve been told, it’s not pronounced rag”out”, but rag”goo”.  I’m glad that the waiter knew what I was talking about, and kept the laughter down to a low roar… Anyways, Ragout (goo) :) was a blend of forest mushrooms, asparagus, fingerling potato and bacon. Basically what that translates to in one word is “YUMMY”

The Steak was huge however they also offer an even larger, 30 ounce Tomahawk Ribeye. I have no idea who could eat one of those and still have room for desert.

Voodoo Steak at the Rio Las Vegas

I can’t remember what this was called other than awesome! Fruit & Sorbet with dry ice…

Voodoo Steak at the Rio Las Vegas

and the view… This was the view from our table, awesome huh?

The staff at Voodoo Steak is friendly and top notch, we wanted for nothing. Even the Chef de Cuisine, Honorio Mecinas, stopped by our table for a chat.  Chef de Cuisine is the fancy word for the Head Chef, the Master of the Kitchen, the Jedi of Jello, ah never mind…

Las Vegas Strip as seen from the top of the Rio Hotel and Casino

After dinner, don’t forget to step outside onto the patio for this gorgeous view of the Las Vegas Strip, and remember to take your camera…


Photography by Las Vegas Photographer Dave Proctor

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