Tynt Insight helps you benefit from others scraping your site content

Depending on the content of your site, a certain percentage of your content is going to be copied. There are many reasons why readers may copy your content. It might be a fan copying content for reference or sharing it with a friend or it might be someone stealing your content for republishing. Regardless of the reason, it is helpful to know how your content is being used.

Tynt Insight tracks when users copy content from your web site and automatically adds a link back to the original page when your content is pasted. Tynt Insight’s unique capabilities turn copying into a valuable asset for your site that lets you:

* Generate more visits and page views
* Improve your search engine ranking
* Get credit when your content is copied
* Promote your brand and website
* Measure and understand user engagement
* Lengthen visit sessions by promoting your most engaging content
* Understand what keywords prompt users to leave your site
* Automatically feed your Twitter stream with your most engaging content
* See what sites are promoting your content
* Find out how many visits you receive from your URLs being copied and shared

I first learned about Tynt when I was reading about a model worried about people coping her photos on an online modeling site. Someone posted about Tynt so I took a look at Tynt’s website and I was happy to see the service is free. It’s easy to setup and it only took me a few minutes to implement it here on this blog.

They include detail instructions for most blogging software like WordPress. Tynt does its magic with javascript so it will only work on sites you control like WordPress blogging software from Wordpres.org. It will not work on hosted blogging sites like WordPress.com or Blogger.com.

Tynt Insight only activates when content over seven words are copied. They assume strings up to seven words will be used for search and adding the attribution text will be disruptive to searching. It works when text is pasted into messenger services, email clients, forums, and blogs. At this point, it only attributes text content although it does report when images are copied. The second part of Tynt Insight is the reporting tools found on the Tynt website under your account. It gives you detailed statistics about what has been copied, what has been attributed, and link backs you have received as a result of users copying content. For now, you’ll need a separate account for each site you want to track.

You can’t stop people from scraping your content so you might as well benefit from it. To see Tynt Insight in action, simply copy a paragraph from this article and post it into an email or Yahoo Messenger window.

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