Here is the whole story of the Blue Dot image as best as I can recall, It’s been awhile and keep in mind that I had a few Corona’s. I know, I know that a few of you may think I went back to shooting film and spent too much time in the darkroom and the developer fumes got to me, but stay with me and read this amazing story, it’s unlike anything that has ever happened to me before…

It all started out on a dark and stormy night a few years ago, after intellectualizing photography with a friend and having a few to many Corona’s, I said to myself, I’m going to do some of that “who the heck knows what it is or what it means” kind photography/art stuff”. So I started with a blank white canvas (don’t all artists?) and at this point needed some inspiration. I said to myself, I need to say create something that conveys a important message for mankind. Then one of the voices in my head said, start with a blue dot in the middle of the page.

Having more knowledge of Photoshop than I really need, making me somewhat dangerous, I knew I had to put the blue dot on its own layer. What really happened by doing that, was I gave the blue dot a life of its own, because now it could move freely on the canvas. Just then there was a loud clap of thunder and suddenly a mysterious force took over my hand and computer mouse (sort of like a Ouija board thing) and the blue dot started moving around the canvas, like it was trying to escape or something and it got as far as the lower left corner of the canvas.

It was then with all the might and intellectual brain power I had, I fought off this force that taken control of the mouse, I immediately hit shift>control>e and flattened the damned layers, and permanently put that blue dot where it is. That my fellow travelers of the universe is why the blue dot is there and why it is in that corner. Now I know it is an important message, because the voices told me it was, but I still do not know the meaning of it, like much of what’s going on in the world today.

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