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Desert Photo Safari – Brittany

Desert Photo Safari with Brittany…

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Desert Photo Safari – Brianna

Desert Photo Safari with Brianna…

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Forest Nymph…

On location in Oregon with Floofie, set 1 of 6

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Alina at the International Car Forest…

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International Car Forest

Model shoot at the International Car Forest of The Last Church, Goldfield, NV

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Island Time…

A few shots from the Florida Keys…

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Yosemite Day Trip

A quick day trip to Yosemite…

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Road Trip…

Photo Safari Road Trip

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A day in the French Quarter…

Down in Louisiana, where the black trees grow, Lives a voodoo lady named Marie Laveau, Got a black cat’s tooth and a Mojo bone…

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Rhyolite Ghost Town

Rhyolite Ghost Town with the Cooks Bank Building lit with colored gels at night.

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Salton Sea Photo Safari

Photo Safari at the Salton Sea

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The Holga 120s on Catalina Island

Traveling with the The Holga 120s Toy Camera…

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The Range Steakhouse

Succulent steaks, prime rib, seafood, sides and deserts, presented in an intimate setting with a spectacular view of the Las Vegas Strip.

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Photo Safari at Delamar Nevada

I love to get away from the Vegas lights whenever I can and go on Photo Safari.  This week I finally made it up to Delamar Nevada.  Delamar is an Ghost Town about 3 hours […]

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An afternoon in Goodsprings

with a good friend and fellow modelographer Click Hamilton and Paco.

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Oregon Snaps

It’s been so busy lately it’s hard to get caught up on some of my personal shots I have taken like the few snapshots I took in Florida and these from the Oregon trip. However… […]

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f8 and Be There… A Lesson Re-Learned…

I re-learned a lesson this weekend that I would like to pass along to you. f8 and be there… After finishing a shoot Saturday night in Miami, the client decides to take my team out […]

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