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Brandy, test roll shot with Graflex Norita 6×6

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RB67 Model Shoot

Getting the Retro Look with the Mamiya RB67…

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Chicks that Click…

Preview from my Chicks that Click book project…

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Psychedelic Projection Project

One of my recent projects where the models are only wearing projected light…

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Sony A7sII

Playing with the Sony A7sII…

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Kodak Art

Re-purposing an old camera into wall art…

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Shooting 35mm film in a RB67

How to make your RB67 film back accept 35mm film.

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International Car Forest

Model shoot at the International Car Forest of The Last Church, Goldfield, NV

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Fun with the Mercury II half frame 35mm camera

Taken with Fuji Color 400 using a Mercury II made between 1946-1952

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Night Moves…

Night shot of Red Rock

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Rhyolite Ghost Town

Rhyolite Ghost Town with the Cooks Bank Building lit with colored gels at night.

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Old film and mystery memories

Developing film that was shot 75 years ago or so found in an old camera…

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Redscale Photography

Redscale Photography, what is it, how do I do it and why?

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Brownie Hawkeye – Conversion from 620 to 120 film

Modifying and Shooting the 60 year old Brownie Hawkeye camera…

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Tools of the Trade – Hasselblad

When you want to get the “film” look you need to use Film!

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Beauty shots of Kim

Nikon D800’s first model shoot with Kim

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Sigma SD1 Merrill

Hands-on test of the SD1 Sigma at CES 2013

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This is not just my job, it’s a family tradition…

Some may ask why I would want to shoot a 80+ year old camera? The answer is a simple one, Because it’s a family tradition.

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Gotta love film…

Shooting 35mm film in a Mamiya RB67 medium format camera.

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The Holga 120s on Catalina Island

Traveling with the The Holga 120s Toy Camera…

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Something cool

What happens when you mix the sounds of yesterdays cameras with today’s technology?  Something cool! Turn your sound up and sit back and enjoy.

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Black and White Pictures with Colorful Friends.

So last night a few friends and I decided to go downtown and have some black and white fun. Not really looking to shoot anything, just to hang out, talk photography and maybe snap some […]

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More Blacklight goodness

Here are a few shots from the second day at shooting at Sephora and Makeup Forever on the strip.  Same model (Tara), same Makeup Artist (Lijha), Same Photographer (Me) :), totally different look! [scrollGallery id=148 […]

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A little blacklight shooting

I love playing with light, any kind of light… Here is a series from last nights shoot that combined an awesome model, Tara and Lijha who is one of the best makeup artists in town […]

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An hour at WPPI

Had to stop into WPPI today for a few quick shots of Nick Adams working, Nick is a well known photographer from Utah that is here for the WPPI convention. For those of you that […]

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A different perspective

Is sometimes it is right in front of you.

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f8 and Be There… A Lesson Re-Learned…

I re-learned a lesson this weekend that I would like to pass along to you. f8 and be there… After finishing a shoot Saturday night in Miami, the client decides to take my team out […]

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Understanding Image Licensing

There’s no denying the business of photography is a complicated one as photographers would be the first to agree. There’s the hourly rate, the daily rate, rates for editing, rates for renting, but most confusing […]

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Two Photos for Every Scene

When looking through blogs and flickr photostreams, one can tell who are learning and who are the more experienced photographers.  How?  If you go through many posts or pages of photos and they are all […]

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The Headshot

Like most photographers, sometimes I get asked how I took a certain shot, what my setup looked like, what camera and settings did I use. And like most photographers, I don’t sketch out my setups […]

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Cool photography opportunity, the Solstice Lunar Eclipse

Red Moon at Night, Photographers Delight!!! On December 21st there will be a total lunar eclipse, these don’t happen very often and maybe for good reason. The moon will turn Red for about 70 minutes. […]

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I’ve ran out of things to photograph!

Not really but after talking with several different people about this subject I figured I would write a short blog entry on the subject of running out of things to shoot. There will be times […]

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8 Ways to Get Out of a Photographer’s Slump

Over my life I have heard many of my photographer friends say they had become uninspired at one point or another.  In sports, they would say the photographer is in a slump. A slump is […]

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Nikon announces the new 28-300mm VR lens

Nikon announced the release of the new AF-S Nikkor 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR.  Designed to provide FX format users with an equivalent of the company’s popular 18-200mm for DX, this superzoom includes two-mode image stabilization […]

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Flash is Our Friend

Last week when I was talking with a few friends that are new to photography,  I mentioned using flash for outdoor portraits,  I know a few of you cringed at the thought.  Being as old […]

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Zoomify, WordPress, Paris Panorama

One thing about blogs that has always made be crazy was the fact that it was hard if not impossible to display large files in such a way that people can view the details of […]

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Gecko Camera Mount Test

One of the tools that I should be using more but haven’t due to not having time to play is the Fat Gecko Camera Mount. This is a mounting system that uses suction cups to […]

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Coffee anyone?

When Canon came up with their coffee mugs during the last Winter Olympics, I thought for a moment that they may really have better stuff than Nikon. Today I got my faith back – the Nikon […]

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Tynt Insight helps you benefit from others scraping your site content

Depending on the content of your site, a certain percentage of your content is going to be copied. There are many reasons why readers may copy your content. It might be a fan copying content […]

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