Something cool

What happens when you mix the sounds of yesterdays cameras with today's technology?  Something cool! Turn your sound up and sit back and enjoy.

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More Blacklight goodness

Here are a few shots from the second day at shooting at Sephora and Makeup Forever on the strip.  Same model (Tara), same Makeup Artist (Lijha), Same Photographer (Me) :),…

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An hour at WPPI

Had to stop into WPPI today for a few quick shots of Nick Adams working, Nick is a well known photographer from Utah that is here for the WPPI convention.…

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Understanding Image Licensing

Eyes by Las Vegas Photographer Dave Proctor

There’s no denying the business of photography is a complicated one as photographers would be the first to agree. There’s the hourly rate, the daily rate, rates for editing, rates for renting, but most confusing of all, licensing. Why in the world would a photographer want to license an image instead of simply selling the photo and calling it a day? How could this possibly be customer-friendly?


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Two Photos for Every Scene

When looking through blogs and flickr photostreams, one can tell who are learning and who are the more experienced photographers.  How?  If you go through many posts or pages of…

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The Headshot

Like most photographers, sometimes I get asked how I took a certain shot, what my setup looked like, what camera and settings did I use. And like most photographers, I…

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I’ve ran out of things to photograph!

Not really but after talking with several different people about this subject I figured I would write a short blog entry on the subject of running out of things to shoot.

There will be times you will think to yourself that is absolutely nothing around to photograph that you have not already shot. You say you already photographed everything in your backyard, in your local parks, around town.

Coming up with something new to photograph almost seems impossible huh?

This is where we are wrong in our thinking. Truth is, we may think we have shot everything in our backyard or the city or wherever, but what we don’t think about is HOW we may have shot it.


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Nikon announces the new 28-300mm VR lens

Nikon 28-300 LensNikon announced the release of the new AF-S Nikkor 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR.  Designed to provide FX format users with an equivalent of the company’s popular 18-200mm for DX, this superzoom includes two-mode image stabilization to the latest VR II specs and a zoom lock switch.  The only problem… It will not be available until sometime in September.

This is great news for us photojournalists that need flexibility when on assignment.  No more having to carry around two FX camera bodies to have the same range as the 18-200 has on the Nikon DX bodies.

The other thing that makes this lens a very welcome addition to us PJ’s is it accepts the standard and most common size filters, 77mm.

If you are interested in the geek speak and tech specs, click for more…


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Flash is Our Friend

Last week when I was talking with a few friends that are new to photography,  I mentioned using flash for outdoor portraits,  I know a few of you cringed at…

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Zoomify, WordPress, Paris Panorama

One thing about blogs that has always made be crazy was the fact that it was hard if not impossible to display large files in such a way that people can view the details of the image. Screen width and image theft are the two reasons most pictures are so hard to see.

As you already might know, starting with Photoshop CS3 you could export your large images to Zoomify and it would automatically tile your image, create your folders and also create your HTML code so viewers could zoom in on your image from your website.

For those of you that do not use Photoshop CS3 and newer you can still use Zoomify since they offer a free stand alone version. You can get that HERE if you need it.

However, the problem up till now has been a way to view Zoomify exports from within WordPress. This is no longer a problem.

Click on the below image to be able to zoom and pan for a closer look.

Paris Panorama

By using the WordPress plugin called “Shadowbox JS” you can configure your Zoomify page to display from within WordPress as easy as cooking a TV Dinner.

You can download it here by clicking this link:

There are other ways you can use Shadowbox JS in your WordPress site however for this post I will stick with using it to display your Zoomify pages.

Yes, I am about to tell you how to do it. Coding and all… However you will need to click continue…


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Coffee anyone?

When Canon came up with their coffee mugs during the last Winter Olympics, I thought for a moment that they may really have better stuff than Nikon. Today I got…

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