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Island Time…

A few shots from the Florida Keys…

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Yosemite Day Trip

A quick day trip to Yosemite…

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Road Trip…

Photo Safari Road Trip

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A day in the French Quarter…

Down in Louisiana, where the black trees grow, Lives a voodoo lady named Marie Laveau, Got a black cat’s tooth and a Mojo bone…

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Rhyolite Ghost Town

Rhyolite Ghost Town with the Cooks Bank Building lit with colored gels at night.

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Salton Sea Photo Safari

Photo Safari at the Salton Sea

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The Holga 120s on Catalina Island

Traveling with the The Holga 120s Toy Camera…

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Photo Safari at Delamar Nevada

I love to get away from the Vegas lights whenever I can and go on Photo Safari.  This week I finally made it up to Delamar Nevada.  Delamar is an Ghost Town about 3 hours […]

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An afternoon in Goodsprings

with a good friend and fellow modelographer Click Hamilton and Paco.

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no matter where you go, there you are. Bear Lake, Western New York

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Black and White Pictures with Colorful Friends.

So last night a few friends and I decided to go downtown and have some black and white fun. Not really looking to shoot anything, just to hang out, talk photography and maybe snap some […]

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Oregon Snaps

It’s been so busy lately it’s hard to get caught up on some of my personal shots I have taken like the few snapshots I took in Florida and these from the Oregon trip. However… […]

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Florida Snaps

One of the great things about booking jobs in other states is while there, I get to spend a little time exploring the local area with my camera and catch things that we do not […]

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A few snaps from New Mexico

There is a side benefit to traveling around the county photographing graduations and other events, one of those benefits is the drive to some of the out of the way places I tend to shoot […]

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Madame Tussaud’s – Las Vegas

Well, it’s finely up.  Madame Tussaud’s wanted a large back-lit print for one of the walls they were redoing inside the wax museum.   They asked for something “Vegas”  Here is what I came up with […]

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Death Valley Road Trip

Took a few days off last week to visit Death Valley before it got too warm out there. All for all it was a good trip however maybe in the fall I will re-visit the […]

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The Super Moon

Last night was the best night to shoot the super moon however as luck would have it, it was cloudy and cold here last night. However tonight it’s perfect for a moon shot even know […]

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Shoes really do grow on trees

Most are tied together in pairs or clumps and flung high into the branches, with the lowest shoes at least 15 feet off the ground. Some hang from shoelaces, others are linked by bras or […]

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Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

It has been here for awhile now however up till now I have not had the chance to spend any time photographing it.  It being the stunning Frank Gehry-designed building that houses the Cleveland Clinic […]

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New gallery image

Another image is off to the Soho Gallery in New York. The Soho version is a limited edition 27×18 print, only 25 hand signed and numbered prints will be offered.

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California Dreaming…

Remember when… If you like these images and would like to use one or more, contact me at dave@daplv.com for licensing options.

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The Techatticup Mine

The Techatticup Mine, what is it? Well other than a great place to take pictures it is also the oldest, richest and most famous gold mine in Southern Nevada. It is also the ONLY real […]

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If old boats could talk

And if old boats could talk what a tale they would tell, Of the brothers, the sons and the fathers; Carved into time with a tear for each line, Shed by the mothers and daughters, […]

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The Breeze

The breeze is like a slinking kit. It moves and stops and waits crouching. It springs forward to catch its helpless prey With icy teeth only to release it like a flopping fish That is […]

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For all you aquatic color junkies out there…

Here are a few more images from my last Photo Safari on the coast.  These were taken around Morro Bay, California.

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Big Sur Photo Safari

Some people have been asking to see some of the images from my last Photo Safari, so here are a couple from the Big Sur area. Looking up at a Giant Redwood I almost stepped […]

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The road to Ithaca

When you set out on your journey to Ithaca, pray that the road is long, full of adventure, full of knowledge.

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What if the hokey pokey Is all it really is about?

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Zoomify, WordPress, Paris Panorama

One thing about blogs that has always made be crazy was the fact that it was hard if not impossible to display large files in such a way that people can view the details of […]

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Panguitch Lake Utah

Took a few days off at the beginning of the week and took a short drive to Panguitch Lake up in Utah. What a gorgeous place to spend a few days. For those of you […]

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Beauty in the Desert

This is the beginning of a new series I am putting together called “Beauty in the Desert” How often have you heard that you should “stop and smell the roses”? More than a few times […]

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Hoover Dam or Alien Worksite?

and what’s up with the neighborhood watch logo on the sign?

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Got Crabs?

While walking around Redondo Beach I was almost attacked by a mob of snapping and drooling gang of crabs!  Not really… Fisherman’s Wharf is a great place to take pictures and this guy just begged […]

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Spring time means…

Ghosttown hunting!  One of my favorite things to do when the weather is nice is to look for the past.  With everything all new and shiny in Vegas it’s nice to go out and see […]

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Chuckawalla or as the model called it, OMG! Godzilla!

Sometimes you never know what will happen on one of my photoshoots.  I’ve had turtles, bighorn sheep, celeberties all show up at some of the wierdest times. Now I can add to that list, LIZARDs, […]

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Turtle crashes photo shoot

While out shooting a model at an abandon mine outside of Las Vegas this curious turtle came up to our shooting area to see what was going on. Of course having a turtle crash a […]

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If the shoe fits, wear it, if not…

Then you leave it on the side of the road for someone like me to find it and photograph it.

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Panoramic view of The Las Vegas Strip.

You may have noticed the new banner image of the Las Vegas Strip at the top of the page. This was shot last night at the top of the Rio Hotel.  If you ever get […]

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City Center Vortex

Every now and then I get a chance to just walk around with my camera, I wish I had more time for it however such is life. The other night I did get the chance […]

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