Photo Safari at Delamar Nevada

Delamar Ghost Town

I love to get away from the Vegas lights whenever I can and go on Photo Safari.  This week I finally made it up to Delamar Nevada.  Delamar is an Ghost Town about 3 hours north of Las Vegas and has been on my list of places to visit for years.

Click Read More to view a bunch of pictures I took of Delamar and to read more about the town.


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Oregon Snaps

It's been so busy lately it's hard to get caught up on some of my personal shots I have taken like the few snapshots I took in Florida and these…

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Florida Snaps

One of the great things about booking jobs in other states is while there, I get to spend a little time exploring the local area with my camera and catch…

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The Super Moon

Last night was the best night to shoot the super moon however as luck would have it, it was cloudy and cold here last night. However tonight it's perfect for…

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New gallery image

Another image is off to the Soho Gallery in New York. The Soho version is a limited edition 27x18 print, only 25 hand signed and numbered prints will be offered.

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The Techatticup Mine

The Techatticup Mine, what is it? Well other than a great place to take pictures it is also the oldest, richest and most famous gold mine in Southern Nevada. It is also the ONLY real mine in southern Nevada that you can go into SAFELY!

Tony and Bobbie Werly bought the mine and the area around it back in 1994 they have been working on restoration of the mine, the buildings around it and adding artifacts.

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The Breeze

The breeze is like a slinking kit. It moves and stops and waits crouching. It springs forward to catch its helpless prey With icy teeth only to release it like…

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Big Sur Photo Safari

Some people have been asking to see some of the images from my last Photo Safari, so here are a couple from the Big Sur area. Looking up at a…

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Zoomify, WordPress, Paris Panorama

One thing about blogs that has always made be crazy was the fact that it was hard if not impossible to display large files in such a way that people can view the details of the image. Screen width and image theft are the two reasons most pictures are so hard to see.

As you already might know, starting with Photoshop CS3 you could export your large images to Zoomify and it would automatically tile your image, create your folders and also create your HTML code so viewers could zoom in on your image from your website.

For those of you that do not use Photoshop CS3 and newer you can still use Zoomify since they offer a free stand alone version. You can get that HERE if you need it.

However, the problem up till now has been a way to view Zoomify exports from within WordPress. This is no longer a problem.

Click on the below image to be able to zoom and pan for a closer look.

Paris Panorama

By using the WordPress plugin called “Shadowbox JS” you can configure your Zoomify page to display from within WordPress as easy as cooking a TV Dinner.

You can download it here by clicking this link:

There are other ways you can use Shadowbox JS in your WordPress site however for this post I will stick with using it to display your Zoomify pages.

Yes, I am about to tell you how to do it. Coding and all… However you will need to click continue…


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Panguitch Lake Utah

Took a few days off at the beginning of the week and took a short drive to Panguitch Lake up in Utah. What a gorgeous place to spend a few…

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Beauty in the Desert

This is the beginning of a new series I am putting together called "Beauty in the Desert" How often have you heard that you should "stop and smell the roses"?…

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Got Crabs?

While walking around Redondo Beach I was almost attacked by a mob of snapping and drooling gang of crabs!  Not really… Fisherman’s Wharf is a great place to take pictures…

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Spring time means…

Ghosttown hunting!  One of my favorite things to do when the weather is nice is to look for the past.  With everything all new and shiny in Vegas it's nice…

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City Center Vortex

Every now and then I get a chance to just walk around with my camera, I wish I had more time for it however such is life. The other night…

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