Rhyolite Ghost Town

For years I’ve been waiting for just the right excuse to make the trip from Las Vegas to Rhyolite Ghost Town to photograph the Cooks Bank Building at night using colored lighting.  Well, last weekend I had a spare night with nothing to do so I said to myself… “Self, let’s go do that shot you always wanted to do in Rhyolite!”  Below is the results…

Rhyolite Ghost Town at night.

Rhyolite is about 3 miles outside of Beatty Nevada and two hours north of Las Vegas. This is a easy trip that you can make with any type of vehicle as Rhyolite is accessible with paved roads right though the center of town. The other roads are dirt however any “city” car can easily handle them as they are maintained by the residents of Rhyolite.

And how I got the shot…

For more information about Rhyolite, visit these websites…




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