Recycled Percussion – Opening show at the Tropicana

Recycled Percussion moved their unique style and power percussion “Junk Rock” show to the Tiffany Theater at Tropicana beginning last night with a media night/red carpet affair.

Recycled Percussion - Tropicana
By the way, these guys are hanging from the ceiling while playing the drums.

Formed in 1994 in New Hampshire at their High School talent show, Recycled Percussion’s first performance gave birth to the style of music now known as JUNK ROCK.  This small-town band has built their show into one of the more powerful live performances in entertainment.  During every show, the band mixes their gritty assault on buckets, power tools or anything else they can get their sticks on with a sense of humor and gravity defying athleticism. The larger stage and venue at Tropicana lets the band do the types of theatrical stunts that they have always wanted to perform.

Here is a few shots of the Red Carpet before the show and a few from the show itself…

When you go to this show, expect to be part of it. As you arrive at the Tiffany Theater you will be immediately become a part of the performance as you are handed an instrument and a pair of drumsticks allowing you to become the 5th member of the band.  You may end up playing on anything from car parts to random items found around the house (their instrument of choice),  you will also be called upon throughout the show and each audience member will be able to show their percussion skills along with the band.  This is not an adult show so families are welcome.

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