Models, It’s that time again…

Casino’s are starting to interview girls for positions for poolside servers and hostesses.Bikini Model - Photography by Dave Proctor

With the economy being what it is there are more girls than ever applying for these jobs so make sure you have the edge with great pictures to send them so when they look over the responses they pick YOU for an interview.

Bikini Model - Photography by Dave Proctor

A few hints…

Hit the gym, tone up and loose those few extra pounds that you may have gained during the winter.

Don’t send them last years pictures and show up looking different.

Send only classy shots, these positions are for girls that will represent the casinos, they are not looking for glamour, FHM or trashy girls so don’t send them pictures that look like that.

Click here to email me and let’s get started on getting you the pictures you need to be competitive.

Bikini Model - Photography by Dave Proctor

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