Sung to the tune of Hank Jr’s, Family Tradition…

Commercial Photographers
have always been a real close family
but lately some of my associates
have disowned a few others and me
I guess its because
I kinda changed my direction
I guess I went and broke the family tradition

Photo by Erik Kabik
Photo by Erik Kabik

I am very proud
of my granddaddys name
although his kinda pictures
and mine ain’t exactly the same
stop and think it over
put yourself in my position
if i get a model and shoot all day long
it’s a family tradition

My grandfather, all 5 of him. This was all done in camera with a single exposure, long before computers and Photoshop were invented. Photo by Dell Proctor
Photo by Dave Proctor

Lordy, I have loved some Nikon’s
and I even owned a couple of Canons
and they all have made me money
when my doctor asked me
Son how did you get in this condition
I said hey sawbones I always carry two cameras
its just a family tradition

Photo by Scott Roeben

So don’t ask me Dave
why do you shoot?
(Dave) why did you go digital?
Why must you live out the pictures that you take?
Stop and think it over
Try and put yourself in my unique position
If I grab my Nikon and shoot all night long
It’s a family tradition!

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