It’s not very often I get to run down to the store and pickup a magazine that one of my shots is in. Normally I don’t find out about them until long after they have been taken down and replaced with the new issue. However at an event one of the other photographers told me that he seen my shot on the news stands, said his wife was the one that really found it. Yeah right…

Anyways, I went to my local Borders Bookstore and sure enough, one of the shots I took at Karina Smirnoff’s birthday party inside Pure was printed in People and OK Weekly. Got some strange looks buying them however it needed to be done in order to scan them in to post them here.

 - Photo by Las Vegas Photographer Dave Proctor
OK Magazine Volume 3 01/18/2010
 - Photo by Las Vegas Photographer Dave Proctor
People Magazine 01/18/2010 issue
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