I’ve ran out of things to photograph!

Not really but after talking with several different people about this subject I figured I would write a short blog entry on the subject of running out of things to shoot.

There will be times you will think to yourself that is absolutely nothing around to photograph that you have not already shot. You say you already photographed everything in your backyard, in your local parks, around town.

Coming up with something new to photograph almost seems impossible huh?

This is where we are wrong in our thinking. Truth is, we may think we have shot everything in our backyard or the city or wherever, but what we don’t think about is HOW we may have shot it.


This is the difference we need to keep in mine. Most people shoot what they see, common sense right?  It is true to a point, if you are like most people you have already shot great pictures of your flowers, your cat, dog, car, etc. You may have tons of pictures of those subjects already, but do you really?

Have you ever got down in the grass and photographed a single blade? How about a macro shot of the inside of one of those flowers? What about just a headlight of your car?

Las Vegas Photographer Dave Proctor

Often we go places and look only at the big picture. In the mountains, we look at all of the trees and peaks instead of seeing the small patch of mushrooms growing on the side of a nearby tree trunk.

Las Vegas Photographer Dave Proctor

Even in our own backyard flower beds, we only see the flowers, and almost always miss the ladybug on a blade of grass right under it or even those little small rocks some of us have in our yards instead of grass.  These are the NEW things you can photograph without having to do anything different other than looking at the world around you differently.


I have found that most people when they look around they see what everyone else see’s. Life conditions us to only see the “big picture” as that is what’s important to most people in other parts of their lives. When in truth, at least for me, I think it is the small things in life that carry the most weight in making me happy. So that carries over into my photography when I am out shooting things for myself and not a client or one of my magazine editors.

You have heard the saying, “Stop and smell the flowers”? I really think more people should do just that, and while you at it, take a few pictures of it too, not the whole flower, just a section of it. Look deeper into the things around you, you may just be surprised of what you see.

Las Vegas Photographer Dave Proctor
I call this the smell and click technique.
Las Vegas Photographer Dave Proctor
I do not recommend the smell and click technique with cactus.

And if you are like most people, you also have plenty of pictures of your pets but have you ever photographed some of the other “pets” you have? You know, the ones that you share your yard with?  They are out there just waiting for you so they can pose for your camera.

Las Vegas Photographer Dave Proctor

Another way of getting a different kind of image is to change YOUR perspective.  Most of the time I see people out walking around with their cameras taking pictures and they just put the camera up to their eyes and click, then continue walking. These people miss so many great shots because they only see the things one way. How nice would it be if everyone could see things from different perspectives? I’m not just talking about photography either… :)

By changing YOUR perspective you are creating a different view of the world you live in.  I can not tell you how often I get strange looks while out with my camera. I will lay down in the middle of where ever I am at to get the shot sometimes. Is it worth it? I think so.

Las Vegas Photographer Dave Proctor

And while your down there… :) have you ever looked where you were stepping?  I mean really took a good look at dirt? Getting down and dirty can have it’s rewards. Photographing sand or dirt closeup, even without a macro lens is like taking a trip to another planet.

Las Vegas Photographer Dave Proctor

Another place people forget to look is up, not sure why since so many people run around in life waiting for the piano to drop on them or think the sky is falling. I know for a fact that the sky is not falling and the proof is in the pictures.

Again, it’s all about perspective, YOUR perspective.

Las Vegas Photographer Dave Proctor

Ok, ok, I know, some of you that have made it this far are saying, “that’s all fine and good but I can’t leave the house much” Ok, no problem!  What about some of the things you have INSIDE your house? Those too can make for interesting and different photographs. Again, look for things that at not part of the whole, things that others see without seeing and people will notice your images as being unique when in fact they are just things that most people fail to see when it is right in front of them.

Got eggs and some beans?  Perfect! you now have everything you need for a great shot.

Las Vegas Photographer Dave Proctor

Or maybe you just upgraded your RAM in your computer, why not take that as an opportunity to create work of art. (Nerds will understand)

Las Vegas Photographer Dave Proctor

I could go on and on however I hope this inspires some of you to think outside the box a bit, slow down a little, enjoy yourself, look at the world around you a little differently.  If you do, not only will you find that the images you capture will be better, you will also find that your stress level will be lower and you be rewarded not only with great images but better heath too.

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