Human Rooster Fighting at Tacos and Tequila inside the Luxor
Human Rooster fighting at T&T Las Vegas

Sometimes when I think I have seen it all, something else happens to let me know that I have indeed NOT seen it all yet.

On assignment at the Luxor Casino, I stopped into Tacos and Tequila to cover the first of a new weekly event. Human Rooster Fighting!  Who would have thought?

The object is to pop the other “Roosters” balloons before he/she can pop yours, all while wearing chicken feet and a rooster mask.  Rules are you can’t use your hands, only your feet.

If you get a chance on a Wednesday night, stop into Tacos and Tequila, have a few drinks and sit back and watch some of the most funniest action around. However, be careful about what you say, the “Roosters” are customers so if you want, you too can put on your best strut and cluck and see if you are the King Rooster of the night.


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