The Holga 120s on Catalina Island

I love playing with old cameras, the older or the weirder, the better :)  The Holga is one of those weirder ones… Mine is an original Holga 120S that was made in the early 82 or 83.  The Holga was intended to provide an inexpensive mass-market camera for working-class Chinese in order to record family portraits and events.  Needless to say, they were not made very well, plastic lenses and no real way for you to control anything, not even the viewfinder lines up with the frame.

Basically, it’s one of those cameras where you push the button never knowing what you will get. But those features of you want to call them features are the reason so many people love these plastic toy cameras, myself included. Each one is different and has it’s own personality.  Nowadays people like myself use Holga’s for their lack of precision, light leaks, surrealistic, impressionistic and downright bad (in a good way) types of images that only a Holga can give you.

Holga on Catalina Island

Catalina Island, Circa 2012 or maybe 1983…



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