Great Product shots help sell your product for you.

I just recently finished another product shoot for Boyd Enterprises, manufacturer of aquarium treatment products such as Chemi-pure, Chemi-pure Elite, Chemi-clean, Vita-chem, Vita-diet and Chemi-bag.

Click the picture to zoom in and pan.

For over 50 years, Boyd Enterprises has created some of the finest fish and aquarium products available. Quality is important to them so of course they have been using me as their photographer to handle their media needs for the last  6 years.

If you or your company need product shots that sell, contact me and lets me show you how I can help you and your graphic design team create the images you need within your advertising budget.

Click here to visit the Boyd Enterprises website to see see other images that I have created and are in use for them.

To view more product and commercial images, click here to visit my main website.

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