Flash is Our Friend

Last week when I was talking with a few friends that are new to photography,  I mentioned using flash for outdoor portraits,  I know a few of you cringed at the thought.  Being as old as I am,  I remember when we shot everything on film.  Back then we had to use flash and use it well.  With today’s digital cameras you can change your ISO to brighten up your pictures however there is a trade off. You also loose control of your highlights.

This is where your flash comes in at. The language of photography is light.  Flash is another tool for a photographer to use to bring the light needed for the photos he/she wishes to capture.  Flash allows me to get photos I could not have gotten without it.   Sure I could get a badly underexposed photo and maybe save it with Photoshop.   That is not as efficient as popping on a flash unit and getting the exposure right in the camera.  It will produce a better photo every time when used correctly.


Here is a great example of using fill flash, without flash, all of Nickie’s face would have been underexposed by about 6 or 7 stops and this shot would have been unusable.

So inside or out, don’t be afraid to use your flash!  For even better results, use it off camera.  Most flash units these days can be controlled by your camera, if not you can always use a cord or a radio trigger like Pocket Wizard puts out.

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