Do I have Alzheimer’s or do I just work with too many beautiful models to remember them all?

So last night at John Fitch’s bachelor party, I look down to the end of the carpet and see someone that makes me stop and think to myself, I know her, I think? Yeah I do, well maybe not, oh hell I don’t know…   Unknown to me, she is looking at me thinking the same thing.

After a few minutes of this I walk over and as I get closer I realize that I do in fact know her and at the same time, she realizes the same thing.  We both laugh… while I try to cover up the look of Duh! on my face…

So who was this girl with a full film crew? It was Model and TV  Personality Stephanie that I shot just last month. This is what happens when you get old, you start to forget things, even beautiful models. <headdesk>

Las Vegas Photographer Dave Proctor, Model Stephanie

So of course I make her pose on the red carpet for me as I do my test shot, she is way better looking than the other photographers there that normally stand in for test shots.

She will probably kill me for this but here’s another of her, interviewing UFC fighter John Fitch.

Las Vegas Photographer Dave Proctor,



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