Las Vegas Photographer Dave Proctor

Tonight was the first anniversary of the CSI: The Experience located inside the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.  Robert David Hall, who plays the character Dr. Albert “Al” Robbins started the party off by posing with fans and then cutting the celebration cake.

Robert David Hall

Cool cake however it does make one wonder about how this poor little guy that inspired the decorations bought it.

As you can see, there is a knife laying in the street and a stab wound on his left leg. if you notice the red icing around his head you will see that he most likely banged his head pretty hard on the sidewalk.

This could only mean that a very small person, maybe even a highly trained ninja elf caused the initial wound on the leg then the victim fell down hitting his head causing massive icing trauma.

See, this CSI stuff is not that hard…

Las Vegas Photographer Dave Proctor

CSI: The Experience is a challenging and fun multi-sensory attraction, placing guests in the role of crime scene investigator as they solve one of three true-to-life mysteries.  Spanning 12,000 square feet and featuring thousands of hand-made props, CSI: The Experience comes to life through a captivating multi-media environment featuring dazzling special effects, meticulous crime scene recreations and two state-of-the-art crime labs.

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