Chuckawalla or as the model called it, OMG! Godzilla!

Sometimes you never know what will happen on one of my photoshoots.  I’ve had turtles, bighorn sheep, celeberties all show up at some of the wierdest times. Now I can add to that list, LIZARDs, or should I say, one HUGE Lizard.

While shooting Jelli down at the Colorado River I kept noticing her looking over my shoulder.

Photography by Dave Proctor

When I asked her why she just said, “because Godzilla is standing right behind you”  So I think to myself, hmmmm  she’s had too much sun or something.  Anyways, I turn around and sure enough, there was this huge lizard behind me sunning himself on a rock.

wild chuckawalla
The name chuckawalla (or chuckwalla) is derived from the Shoshone word “tcaxxwal” or “caxwal,” the form used by the Cahuilla Indians of southeastern California and originally written in Spanish as “chacahuala.” – San Diego Natural History Museum

Of course I had to call a break in the photoshoot to spend some time taking some shots of my new found friend who just happened to want to pose for some pictures.  This is a male Chuckawalla about 18 inches long, answers to the name of Chuck, ok so that was a lame joke or maybe I just need a nap…

Sometimes I think I should stop calling them Photoshoots and start calling them Photo Safaris.

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