Are you are looking for a softly suggestive or excitingly erotic portrait?  From Mild to Wild you came to the right place.

One of the greatest gifts you can give your significant other is a beautiful photograph of yourself, and glamor/boudoir style photography has become one of the most popular forms of self expression. An Boudoir Portrait session is a very personal experience. Most clients come to me to create a gift for the special person in their life. But an boudoir portrait and the portrait experience itself can also be a gift to yourself. This is true for women of ANY age or shape.

Boudoir photography is typically photography that romanticizes and celebrates the female form. It is typically sensual, tastefully erotic, or not, romantic and may be shot with the model nude, semi nude, with implied nudity or even fully clothed.

Photographs can be revealing without being provocative (as in “art nudes”) or they can be both provocative and revealing. How revealing they are is ultimately up to what you would like and how comfortable you are during the photography session.

Many women think of boudoir photographs as being about lingerie (or partial nudes or nudes), but they can also be provocative poses made in normal clothes, sometimes perhaps worn in an unusual way (such as pulled open a bit more or pulled up or down a bit more, or worn missing something, such as overalls or suspenders without a shirt).

One of the biggest myths about boudoir photography is that you have to have a supermodels looks/body. By skillfully draping your clothing and accessories it is a simple art to accentuate your strengths and hide your weaknesses. Facial expression and body language play more of a part in making these pictures look great than do your figure or mere outward appearance. Few women feel they are attractive enough to look good in these kinds of pictures until they see the finished product. But with my professional attitude, they usually find it surprisingly comfortable and that it was really fun. And they are always overwhelmed at how good their pictures look and how beautiful they are in them, even before any retouching. Some women have even said this was the first time they ever saw themselves as attractive.

Our boudoir photography can be done in a studio setting using tasteful props to enhance the feeling of romance and richness, however I am prepared to travel to any location of your choosing that you would like with my lighting and equipment. Because of the time to create the set and light it, boudoir photography is typically a bit more involved than other types of photography.

Even if you’re just ‘kicking the idea around’ please feel free to contact me for a pre session discussion; I will be glad to answer all questions and discuss ideas and concepts. As this type of photography is of a highly personal nature, I want you to feel comfortable with the process and myself as your photographer. I am open to capturing your true essence, and doing so in a way that will make you feel wonderful. Picture yourself as a work of art, I’ll do the rest.

Style: I offer a variety of photography styles: Maternity for the expectant mother; Boudoir to bring your romantic fantasy to life; Glamor to show off your beauty and sex appeal; Figure (a.k.a artistic nudes) for the creative and adventurous.

Tone: Regardless of the style you choose, I can shoot the tone you want, from a very private image for your partner’s eyes only to an heirloom portrait that your whole family can enjoy without embarrassment.

Respect: I am always mindful that boudoir photography is personal. I understand that you’re compromising your privacy in order to obtain treasured images of special or intimate times in your life. That demands an extra measure of respect and sensitivity on my part. You can rest assured that I will be professional and respectful throughout the process.

Control: Regardless of the style and tone you choose, from simply beautiful to sophisticatedly erotic, you are in full control of your photography session. I will spend the time to understand the photos you want then make suggestions for how to achieve them, but you get the final word. You’ll never be pressured to pose in any way that makes you uncomfortable.

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