Downtown Julie Brown hosted Vegas Swim II.  Presented by TMG Entertainment.  Guests enjoyed models wearing the latest bikini fashion and lounging in the pool.  Well, for at least part of the show…

Las Vegas Photographer Dave Proctor
Downtown Julie Brown

It started out as a perfect day to be at a Moorea Beach Ultra Pool and watch girls walk the runway

Las Vegas Photographer Dave Proctor

Right after I took this picture the weather decided to change for the worse.

The winds picked up and if you notice the background behind the model, the wind was strong enough to almost pick it up and take it away.

Luckily I got this shot before the show started and we lost the background.

Within the time it took for the model to walk across the runway the wind also brought us rain, not a few drops but a full on  monsoon type rain.

As the pool staff got everyone out of the pool due to lighting in the area and people were trying to get out of the rain, I took the opportunity to sneak away with the models to the luxury sky booth.

I rarely let weather stop me from doing my job and the models were dressed for being in the water so we did some more shots before going down to the after party.

Vegas Swim II was presented by TMG Entertainment and Moorea Beach Club at Mandalay Bay

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