Photography by Dave Proctor - www.daplv.com

Here is something we don’t think about often. How good is your trailer hitch? Is it tight? What about the trailer itself? Most people don’t think about that much. Sure, they check the hitch from time to time, maybe even the trailers coupling to make sure it is in good shape but what about the metal that makes up the tongue of the trailer?

Overlooking this could mean the difference of you and your trailing getting separated or arriving at your destination all in one piece.

Photography by Dave Proctor - www.daplv.com

So the next time you hitch up your trailer, take a extra second to check the welds where your coupling attaches to the trailers frame, don’t over look the safety chains either.  In this case, the safety chains also broke.

The good news. no one was injured in this mishap. The towing vehicle stayed on the road, only the trailer went though the wall.  It was a very good thing that no one was walking on the sidewalk at that moment.

So please take those few extra seconds and check your vehicle and trailer, you might just save a life or at least a few hours and many dollars.

Photos © by Las Vegas Photographer Dave Proctor

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