An hour at WPPI

Had to stop into WPPI today for a few quick shots of Nick Adams working, Nick is a well known photographer from Utah that is here for the WPPI convention. For those of you that wonder what WPPI stands for, it means “Wedding & Portrait Photographers International”

Nick is one of many highly acclaimed speakers that is here in Vegas to share his knowledge. Today Nick was teaching a sold out class how to light models with nothing more than the a few off camera flashes.

Nick’s teaches by first explaining the concept then letting his students play. Some could not wait for their chance at the transmitter that fires the light so they shot without it.

As I was not planning to shoot any assignments today.  I was caught off guard when I got the request to shoot this. So without my normal equipment, I instead had to rely on my trusty Canon G12 point and shoot to get these images.

Photo courtesy of Canon USA

f8 and be there!

You never know when you might need your camera, always have it with you and for those times you don’t have your regular working camera with you, have something else, even if it is a point and shoot.

All images in this post were taken with a Canon G12 Point and Shoot using only available light, no flash or reflectors were used.

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