Not sure why this happens to me every year at the Renaissance Festival…  All I wanted was a picture 🙂

Photo by SRoeben

Hundreds of costumed knights, knaves, ladies and wenches gathered for the Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival last weekend here in Las Vegas.

There was musical acts, full-contact jousting tournaments, no-hold-barred gladiator battles, black powder demonstrations, strolling minstrels, contortionists, magicians, storytellers, jokers, jugglers, flame eaters, belly dancers, trained parrots and pirates at the festival. And plenty of food too.

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They even had girl witches for sale, cheap too!

My favorite part of the day was the Parrot show. These guys are trained well. Not only they are allowed to fly anywhere they want, no wing clippings here… If you hold a dollar bill up in the air, these guys will fly over, land on your hand and gently take your dollar and then fly back and deposit it in the “tip” vase.

there was some other colorful characters there too…

and introducing my new photography partner…

Photo by SRoeben
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