Click Hamilton

An afternoon in Goodsprings with a good friend and fellow modelographer Click Hamilton and Paco.

Goodsprings Nevada is located about 30 miles south of Las Vegas, just off I-15.  The most famous place there is the old Pioneer Saloon billed as the oldest bar in Southern Nevada.  Some say it’s haunted by the guy that got shot there eons ago. The bullet holes are still in the wall opposite of the bar. (Pic below)

Personally, I’m not sure if I believe the thing about the place being haunted since one can assume that after a few drinks, people start to see all kinds of weird things. (Evidence below)

Don’t be surprised if you run into an Asshole or two there either.This is one place that they are welcome at and for those that want to become one, well, they can make that happen. For $5 you can become a Certified Card Carrying Asshole!

 and when you are all done drinking… sleep it off









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