Have you ever wondered what sets a person apart from having a camera and being a photographer? People would have you believe it is the equipment or the amount of time a person has been taking photographs.

Believe it or not it isn’t. A professional photographer is a person with an eye for detail and a unique understanding of what the client wants.

Dave has been a photographer since the early 1980’s. Having a passion for photography has given him experience in a wide range of photography. It isn’t just about the job with Dave. To Dave, it is the challenge to get “the shot” and this is what keeps Dave and the clients happy.

To keep on top in this business a person must have an edge. Dave would agree that with the massive amount of photographers entering the market it is hard to stand out. So Dave’s edge is old fashioned, he believes in the saying “Get it right in camera, then tweak it in Photoshop” like in the old days, get it right on film then tweak it in the darkroom. A concept most photographers don’t understand in this digital age we live in now.

Communication and great photos is the key to Dave’s success. Dave will be the first person to say, “Great photography begins with great communication!” If the client and the photographer aren’t on the same page it doesn’t matter what type of equipment they own or how good of a photographer they think they are, you can’t get the shot if you don’t know what the shot is.

Dave Proctor has worked with Fortune 500 companies to people you have never heard of, from magazines to personal collections, Dave has done it all, or most of it…

(Dave is now done talking in the 3rd person…)

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    I am hard of hearing so for best results, please E-Mail me (dave@daplv.com) or Text me at 702.682.3283.

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