A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Model, actress and author Jenny McCarthy hosted the Palms Casino Resort’s 4th Annual Midsummer Night’s Dream tonight – It was a Masquerade Lingerie Bacchanalia, luring in Las Vegas’ most sinister Gods and Goddesses to party poolside to the wee hours of the night.

Las Vegas Photographer Dave Proctor,

and talk about a Goddesses… Wow!

Las Vegas Photographer Dave Proctor

I know you are wondering… What the heck is a “Bacchanalia” Well… don’t worry about looking it up, I did it for you since I too had no idea that a “Bacchanalia” was.

“The bacchanalia were wild and mystic festivals of the Greek and Roman god Bacchus (or Dionysus). It has since come to describe any form of drunken revelry.

From Wikipedia

Guess that means it was one heck of a party. :D

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