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Custom event photography, green screen, prints on site, corporate events, conventions, parties, model portfolios, celebrities, concerts and more.

Some of my shoots, not all, not even most, just some...

Kodak Art

Re-purposing an old camera into wall art...


An hour with Mary in Austin Texas...

Shooting 35mm film in a RB67

How to make your RB67 film back accept 35mm film.


5 minutes, that's all it takes...

Real Estate Photography…

Make it a fast sell with quality Real Estate Photography...

Oregon State University 2015

Oregon State University Graduation, Corvallis, Oregon, Spring 2015

Carlson School of Management

Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, Spring 2015 Commencements

MSU Commencements Spring 2015

Montana State University Graduations, Bozeman, MT, Spring 2015

LSU Commencements Spring 2015

Louisiana State University Graduations, Baton Rouge & New Orleans, Spring 2015

Angelina – Spring Mtn State Park

1 hour at Spring Mountain State Park